WhatsRecover Recovers user’s deleted WhatsApp messages without knowing the sender. All deleted messages can be read by WhatsRecover. You can view deleted Text messages, Images and Videos as well.
You want to check what your friend delete after sending you? Simply download WhatsRecover and see whatever your friend deletes after sending you. WhatsRecover will notify you whenever a user delete WhatsApp message. The message can be of any type whether it’s a simple Text, Image or Video message all can be recovered by using WhatsRecover.
Moreover, you can view and save WhatsApp statues, Voice Notes, Videos and Documents as well. And all these can be managed in WhatsRecover. WhatsRecover works as an anti-delete service that allow the user to save WhatsApp deleted messages that are deleted by the sender.
WhatsRecover also allow you to reply instantly by using WhatsRecover (without opening the WhatsApp itself) to any of you friend who deletes the message after sending you.

Demo Link:- https://drive.google.com/file/…