Video editing is newly introduces in app store with ” Video Editor – Filters, Crop, Trim & Edit Videos” – proves its importance by ensuring all the keys to blending images and sounds to make you feel emotionally connected and sometimes truly there in the film you’re watching. When combining the technical knowledge and skill with creativity and craftsmanship, the choices editors make can affect the overall tone of the piece and what emotions they want to evoke, create rhythm and timing, and transform the raw material into a cohesive final product.

Upload your favorite photos, video and music clips and arranges them any way you like. Choose a theme, music or sounds from your included library. Upgrade and get even more flexibility and editing features on the go: Creating GIF from video or images, Video to Audio, Video Cutter and Capture images from Video, Slow/Fast video, Watermark video, Video Filters, Reverse video, and Merge video,

It contains a gallery module to show all converted files in different tabs. One can share these files as well as delete the file.