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Gameplay: Delete infected codeblocks and allocate their memory by swiping your antivirusprogram all over the screen
while shooting at viruses.
After your System has been completely infected visit the shop to spend your free memory at
upgrades such as new weapons, a better special-attack or a more attracting magnet,
to withstand the viruses some longer and raise your highscore.

You start with just one weapon, but you can buy other ones in the shop.
Some have bullets, which deal more damage, others just fire with a faster frequency or have got multiple firing directions.
Bought weapons will be attached to your antivirusprogram after deleting some infected codeblocks
without being harmed by them.
Every killed enemy will drop memory, which should be collected by the player to buy some new upgrades and fill the
progress-bar for the special attack.

This freed memory is attracted by the magnet,
which can be upgraded in the shop.

Your special attack (“cleaning routine”) can also be upgraded in the shop.
These upgrades doesn’t affect your special attack only in a positive way:
The better your special attack is the more memory do you have to collect to fill the progress-bar.

Beware of the Bosses.