Single Station Android Radio application is an app to play the Internet Radio station broadcast!

This application allows you to create, listen and enjoy your own or favourite Internet Radio streaming. With this full made Android application you may reach a huge audience and share your own radio broadcast!

Also, you can implement your own media content such as radio or podcast timeline, engaging news about any topics, user notification and radio description. It is all about your imagination how to use this Android template!

Moreover, Single Station Radio application allows you to start monetise your work and earn good money from it!

Single Station Radio offers you an unique music user friendly experience:

  • Simple and intuitive user interface 
  • Listen and enjoy your favourite radio stream 
  • Share the radio station app via any social network
  • Explore radio timeline
  • Add and share your special selected news or blog
  • Rate the app button
  • One backend – two platforms (iOS and Android)

Enjoy Android Radio anywhere and everywhere! While in your car, on the train, on your way to work or working out!

Explore the world of music now!