Demo Details
Username – [email protected]
Password – adminadmin
Username – [email protected]
Password – clientclient

Key Features

  • view sales statictics on dashboard.
  • Add, edit, view scripts.
  • Add, edit, view script categories.
  • Set free or premium scripts.
  • Confirm, decline and update orders status.
  • Add, edit, view custom pages.
  • Add, edit, view, send newsletters.
  • Publish ads from ad networks like Google AdSense, Amazon, AdRoll, Adsterra, Dianomi, Epom Ad Server, GroundTruth, Infolinks,, Bidvertiser among others.
  • Publish and unpublish reviews.
  • Accept order payments.
  • Add, edit, view users.
  • View customers.
  • View subscribers.
  • Receive and repond to support tickets.
  • Add, edit, view FAQ (Frequently asked questions).
  • Add, edit, view blog posts and categories.
  • Easily switch between date and time formats within the system.
  • Front settings – Set how to process free scripts, change homepage background, change homepage title and sub title, quick footer infos. Show / hide footer payment icons
  • Google analytics settings – Keep track of all statistics from one place using Google Analytics.
  • Ad settings – Set Display ads after Top selling items, Featured items, New arrivals, Top rated items, Everyday deals items
  • Add, edit, view offline payment options like Cash on Delivery, Bank, etc.
  • Support for multiple currencies, Over 135 currencies based on payment gateway.
  • Accept customers make payments of orders online through PayPal, Stripe,, 2Checkout, PesaPal PayTM, PayU Money, mPesa gateways.
  • Integrated cron jobs settings to create notifications, send email reminders and keep every item upto date.
  • Email template builder – Integrated customisable and user friendly email templates.
  • Font Settings – Define the font face using google fonts.
  • Google analytics settings – Setup Google analytics for all your site’s statistics.
  • Log every activity done.
  • Automated backup, that is, never lose any data again!
  • This CRM is fully responsive, that is, You can easily access your data from any device regardless of its size.
  • And many more features.

What’s new?

v1.2 (17/10/2022)

1. Added option to show/hide homepage total and monthly views stats.
2. Added item views count.
3. Added option to show/hide item views count.
4. Removed wishlists and replace it with likes.
5. Added option to show/hide item likes count.
6. Added fancy spinner and flash alert for item likes.
7. General bug fixes.

v1.1 (13/10/2022)

1. Added total and monthly views count.
2. Fixed view orders in admin dashboard.
3. Fixed Paypal standard payment gateway

v1.0 (11/10/2022)

1. First release.