Ride with Cockroach is a fast and daring game in which you ride your motorcycle at crazy speeds past big cars and trucks. Dodge traffic, increase your speed, and score points in this fast-paced, real-world racing challenge.
Be extremely cautious of big vehicles as you master your bike riding skills that will assist obstacles and collect treasures through levels of danger.

Drive in fast racing games

  • Dodge traffic while trying to get a high score with close calls
  • Bypass traffic while struggling to gain a good score with close calls.
  • Fast boost to reach insane speed

Customize Your Motorcycle:

  • Customize your motorcycle to give them your own style
  • Buy and unlock all motorcycle styles

Customize Your Skins:

  • Customize your cockroach to give them your own style
  • Buy and unlock all cockroach styles

Upgrade and Buy Power Ups:

  • Buy power ups to utilize maximum features
  • Utilize these features for getting higher score.