This is created by lowkash.In this app there are three main interfaces they are Voice
Into Text, Recorder,Player.This app basically help you to do lot of things and its interfaces
are very simple so the user can identyfy what they want to do easily.It works with
audio/sounds like that.There are some tntroduction about the interfaces I had mention
In Voice Into Text activity there are main three features.They are you can convert
your voice into text,you can convert your text into speech and you can also edit that text
files.There are some more about that accivity you can add your text files in your storage to
Voice Into Text activity and also by that you can save your text files into your storage.By
this you can do so much things like you can write your blogs faster from voice text
feature,you can edit your text file from your mobile phone fater and there are so many extra.
Second one, this is the main interface when you open your app.this can only do
record your audio and save them in your storage.This interfave show you where your file
was this you can record your voice,this help you to keep remind some some small
Third and final one, this contains a player.It has an audio visualizer.It can play your
any audio file type like mp3, 3gp and etc.Its visualizer is very colour full and
can easilly select any of your audio file in storage.
This app is a very user frendly app it contains three ad units but it do not hares for
your works.It has simple and minimal desings.It has very Interactive colours.