Real Money Ludo

Online Multiplayer Ludo


Ludo Cash King is a Real money ludo game app, where players can play multiplayer ludo games in 2 player mode, 4 player mode, and even with their friends in custom room mode. 

Players can choose different rooms according to their price bid, match with other players and win the real cash amount.
Both players pay the same amount and the winner gets a 90% winning reward and 10% goes to App owner (This can be modified as per client requirements)
This game has a real payment gateway, Paytm gateway integrated as default, this can also be changed as per client requirement.

Website admin Panel is provided to clients, to control and manage applications.
This product has great UI and great features, everything required for a real cash game app is available at the best price. This product is also highly customizable, we can change and add features according to customer needs.
Custom Game and app service is also available.

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Real Ludo cash app