“Kids Preschool” is an educational app help your children to learn basic tracing starting from alphabets, shapes, colors, animal, birds, flowers, fruits and many others. Your child will improve his skills and helps to develop his memory. It is one of the best way to teach kids their first ABC’s and 123 numbers is through fun ideas that are educational and entertaining!

Note: The kids app doesn’t support ads. If you want to run ads, then you have to target a 16+ age audience..

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Changelog & Update History

Version 1.8 (11/11/2022)

- Update Android SDK Version 33
- Update Library

Version 1.7 (11/05/2022)

- Age Group in play console for ads bugs fix

Version 1.6 (11/03/2022)

- Support Android 12 
- Update Library

Version 1.5 (15/09/2021)

- RTL Support

Version 1.4 (25/08/2021)

- Fixed crash issue in android 9 database.

Version 1.3 (19/08/2021)

- Full ad implement on category click 

Version 1.2 (10/08/2021)

- Decrease voice level of speech-to-text

Version 1.1 (04/08/2021)

- Remove Ads from Youtube Screen