There are different ways to monetize an iOS mobile app, the main ones are:

  • direct selling in the app store
  • advertising
  • in-app purchases
  • in-app subscriptions

This last solution offers publishers more visibility on their project by creating recurring income through auto-renewable subscriptions.

Auto-renewable Subscription is like a membership program for your app. By subscribing your users gain access to premium content, services, and features. The subscription renews automatically unless the user cancel it. Your users can also benefit from a free trial period or a promotional price for which you can specify the duration.

To help apps publishers and developers to build and implement a subscription system in their iOS apps, we’ve developed pop-up interfaces to manage Auto-renewing subscriptions for native iOS apps.

These interfaces are coded in the 2 native Apple development languages: Objective-C and Swift 5. They support multilingual implementation and are fully customizable.

The 2 native iOS scripts are deployed in 2 separate Xcode 12 projects for a direct demonstration via your Xcode interface. Code organization allows easy implementation in any type of native iOS app project for iPhone or iPad.