GoPOS is an android-based online cashier application with backend API, with GoPOS you can make quick records for sales (Point of sale), manage customer data, manage inventory data, manage employees and access rights (roles), manage purchases (cost), manage stock, view complete reports ranging from sales reports, purchase reports, stock item reports, most preferred item reports, to profit and loss reports. You can also connect this application with a Bluetooth thermal printer to print sales receipts directly. GoPOS is also equipped with a data backup and restore system so that the database is more secure if problems occur on your device in the future. GoPOS can also determine the layout of sales items, you can choose a grid layout or list layout. and many other excellent features.

This Application is perfect for your bussiness like :

Retail Store
Wholesale shop
Grocery store
and others

Main features :

Manage multiple shop employee / admin.
Create product information with image and barcode.
Edit product information
Print receipt by POS printer
Add product using QR code
Add product using Barcode
Product stock management system
Product by category
Search product using QR and Barcode
Point of sales system with cart.
Multiple operator.
Multiple stores.
Transaction report
Attractive User Interface.
Android 10 compatible
Programmed in Android Studio IDE
Development language is cordova, html, java.
Enhanced documentation.
Manage multiple role for employee.

and many more..


by purchasing the application, you will get:

Full android Source Code. 
Backend API. 
APK file. 

Demo Backend :
Username / email : [email protected]

Password : 123456

Demo :
You can register new user after installing the apk. or

Admin : 

Username / Email : [email protected]

Password : 123456

Operator :

Username / Email : [email protected]

Password : 123456