I present to you GamePanel for managing Minecraft Servers (In the future, Futurecraft, CS:GO….)
GamePanel currently knows:
Create servers on multiple VPS simultaneously.
Minecraft server management includes:
1) DashBoard with information about servers
2) Console where it shows you the server log and you can also send a command directly to the server
3) WebFTP – used to upload your own files
4) Reinstalling the server
5) Extension of server expiration

Gamepanel has a built-in credit system and expiration system.
Recharging credits works through the Stripe payment gateway.

In the Administration environment, you can observe statistics, where you can find how many servers, users, daily profit or even monthly profit.

Create packages for Minecraft servers, each package can have any parameters such as Ram, Cpu, SSD.
Add any version for Minecraft.
You can add as many Master servers as you want.

To view a demo:

username: [email protected]
password: user123

username: [email protected]
password: admin123

In the demo version, it is forbidden to add master servers, FTP accounts
The expiration in the demo version is set to every minute, that means if you create a server it will expire in 30 minutes!