Game Booster can make your game run faster boost your device’s performance with just one touch, it frees up memory before launching your games. Boost the game or apps, and makes games and apps run smoother.


 Select the games that you want to boost
 Tap the game icon to boost launching it
 Play the game


Q: How does this app work?
A: It kills useless running apps and free up memory before launching your game, so your game will run more smoothly.

Q: Can this app boost non-game apps?
A: Sure, you can add non-game apps and boost them as well.

—————–//////////////  Update -V2 ////////////////——————

What’s new in the new update ?

Fix all errors that were occurring in Android versions 10 and above .

The app works from Android version 4.3 and above .

—————–//////////////  Update -V3  ////////////////—————— 
What’s new in the new update ?
Fix all errors Building App

—————–//////////////  Update -V4 ////////////////——————

1- Add support for Android 11 and 12 .

2- Update the app to android studio 4.2.2 and update the libraries .

Download Deme V4