Employee Attendance is a time tracking solution android app for maintaining daily attendance records.It allow employees to mark their attendance from anywhere in the world. It captures the exact Check IN / OUT Time along with exact Current Location of employees and stores in firebase and hence you can track your employees attendance as well as their attendance location online anytime.

Employee Attendance app can be used either by large or small business to monitor the attendance of their respective employees.

Note :
1) Here we have used Firebase (No SQL) as a back-end to store application data. Also there is no Web as well as  iOS version of this application.
2)Please don’t delete mentioned demo employee details  as well as don’t change password for mentioned Admin & Employee.

Application Flow :


  1. Admin account creation.

    1.1 Only one admin exist per company.
  2. Add/Update public holidays.

    2.1 Add public holidays.

    2.2 Employees are not allowed to mark their attendance on public holidays.
  3. Add employees.
  4. View all registered employees along with Update or Delete functionality.

    4.1 You can see all employees which are registered and also update or delete it.
  5. View registered employees attendance and modify it.
  6. Check present employees list.
  7. Calculate employee salary.

    7.1 You can see day wise employee attendance status like Present, Half day Present, No Punch-Out, Present But Leave.

    7.2 You can calculate employee salary based on your their attendance.
  8. Track current live location of employee.
  9. Change Password.
  10. Send notification message to all employees.

    10.1 Write down your message and just send message.
  11. Add important notes/rules.


  1. Authentication.

    1.1 Do authentication using the details provided by admin user.
  2. View profile.
  3. View public holidays.
  4. Mark attendance.
  5. View attendance.

    5.1 You can see your day wise attendances including your IN/OUT timing, no of Present days, no of times you present for Half day, no of times you forgot to mark Punch-Out, no of times you you come to office but you leave too early.
  6. Change password.
  7. View notes/rules.

    APK file
     : Click here

Full Flash Application :- 

Contact to mentioned support number if your wants to purchase Full Flash application which is having below mentioned features :

  1. Unlimited number of company registration.
  2. Unlimited number of branches registration for single company.
  3. Add branch wise employees.
  4. Allow to mark attendance from Geo-fence.
  5. Map mobile phone against employee so he/she can mark attendance from their personal (mapped against him/her) mobile phone only.
  6. Capture employee selfie while marking attendance.
  7. Time-Sheet / Daily work done reporting along with proof of image.
  8. Leave Management.  

Here you will also get another separate application called as ‘Super Admin’ application which helps to Approve or Reject newly company registration request. You can also Delete any existing company with this help of this ‘Super Admin’ application.

   Full Flash Application APK :  Click here

   Full Flash Application Flow Click here

Note: Price for Full Flash application is totally different.Contact at below support number for more details.