With EasyAnswer, you can create sites where people will share knowledge with others, answer their questions, ask their own questions and search for answers along with a large community of the project you created.

The script has all the necessary functionality to create a site like a question & answer, knowledge base, help desk, faq, wiki, support etc. The user can rate questions and answers, complain, there is a rating system and much more.

Large administrative area where you can manage users, pages, settings, where you can set various details, etc. You can also place ads on the pages.


To see a demo you can click on the Live Live Preview, or you can visit https://answer.opinionget.com.

Note!: Some functions are disabled in the demo version (Delete, Add, Update)

Admin Panel: https://answer.opinionget.com/admin/index.php

Login: admin
Password: admin

User Panel: https://answer.opinionget.com/login

Login: test
Password: test

Source & Credits

Free PHP Libs

Free HTML Templates

Free JS Libs

Free Fonts

Free Icons

Free Images


- Added database auto install and updated instructions
- Script Release