Distt – is a simple and accurate telemetry for your iPhone and iPad.

The app allows you to measure the distance to an object using a telemetry system. Telemetry system can give a distance to the source of light or sound. Distt telemetry indicates the distance from your location to an object that emits light or sound.For example, Distt indicate the distance to the place where lightning struck by measuring the time elapsed after the appearance of lightning until you hear the sound.

Measurement is performed in 3 taps:

1) Start the countdown by pressing the “START”

2) Stop timing when need be (button “STOP”, 60 seconds)

3) Fix your direction on the map to pinpoint the location of the source(button “FINISH”)

Done! All other calculation Distt does for you

The telemetry Distt, you can:

• Set your speed of sound depending on the environment you are in and the weather conditions

• Share the results via other applications

• Save the result in the gallery with photos

• Use different types of maps (terrain/satellite)