Cut Throat – Dominoes is an offline and online multiplayer game made in Unity 3D. It includes the apk, source file and detailed documentation.

Download APK from here.

It includes a database (firebase) for Login, Signup, User Stats and Global Leaderboard.
In offline mode you can select the number of opponents i.e. 1, 2 or 3 as AI (Artificial Intelligence) opponents. In online mode there are multiple options: you can create or join a private room, or create a public room. There is a list of public rooms where users can join them directly. You can invite your friends for an online game by sharing a private room key within the game. You can see your opponent profile, their complete stats while playing the game.
In settings you can turn on or off vibration, can set sfx and background music volume. You can select the difficulty mode, and can select Winning Score. You can also select the Dominoes Color. There is a complete guide on how to play a game, all rules are defined, users can read them and can understand the game.
There is a global leaderboard where all users are ranked on the basis of their win percentage. You can also see the complete stats of a player by clicking on their picture in the leaderboard.