AzHCode is an online browser game that is developed with the latest web technologies. AzHCode is game script that will help you to create your own online browser game to your liking, because it has many options and settings by which to modify and create your desired browser game.

AzHCode can be easily customized to fit your needs and will help you to create the most respected virtual life game in the world.

Also one of the important features of AzHCode is that you can earn real money through the integrated paid services in the game – just invest as purchasing it here and create your own game from which you can make real money.

In the game players receive a free home and character to be able to start their virtual life in the game. Players can buy cars, properties, items, homes, pets and many other things to improve their respect. Players have the opportunity to go to work, school, gym, hospital and other places in the game to earn extra money, diamonds, experience and other bonuses with which to upgrade their character.

AzHCode is text-based RPG (MMORPG) online web browser game php script.

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