Do your friends or family members snoop into your phone without your consent?
Gets worried about your cell phone safety, while sleeping and traveling and especially in bustling markets or crowded areas. Do you want your mobile phone powerful enough to take care of itself? Then, download Anti-Theft Alarm: Don’t touch my phone app, and set yourself free from the worries of your cell phone safety.
Use a theft alarm if you don’t want anybody to use your device without your permission.
Use case:
1) When charging your device if anybody disconnects it, then a loud siren will help you to prevent theft or misuse by using charger mode.
2) At work, you may place your phone on top of your laptop and enable motion mode. If anybody tries to access your phone then instantly an alarm will ring and scare them away.
3) While traveling on public transport you can guard your device against being stolen from your pocket using proximity mode.
4) Theft alarm may also be used to surprise your colleagues and friends, who access your phone without your consent.
5) Theft alarm can also be used to prevent your kids and family members from using your phone when you’re not around.
6) An alarm will ring which will continue until the right password is entered. Only the right password can stop the alarm.

1) Thief cannot reduce the alarm volume without knowing your password.
2) Siren will resume if your phone is restarted.
3) Loud alarm is triggered even if your phone is in silent mode.
4) Phone vibrates and screen flashes similar to police lights when the alarm is activated.
5) Choice of alarm sounds and lots of other settings available for customization.
A loud alarm is triggered when:
1) Charger is disconnected from your phone
2) If your phone is picked up from its resting position
3) When your phone is stolen from your pocket
Protect your phone from robbers. Thieves are wary of this app.
Note: This app doesn’t claim that it can avoid theft completely. It’s the owner’s responsibility to be vigilant. With an anti-theft alarm, you can avert theft.