A) How install app on your iPhone or iPad – top

– Open the Xcode application on your mac if you don’t have this app you can easily free download it from AppStore. After you done it, open file “HowOldAreYouAre.xcworkspace”

– After connect your iPhone or iPad on your Mac via USB cable. Open Xcode and

– Select your iPhone…Device on XCode Application on your MacOS

– Press play button to instal on device or iPhone.

– Wait until app is installed on your iPhone.

B) How to use the application – top

– Upload a photo from the gallery where you are without makeup.

– Upload a photo from the gallery where you are with makeup.

– The program will analyze your face and show you how old you look before and after makeup.

–  Share your result to friends!

C) Code Info – top

In file Keys.swift you can change the keys for Google Ads like Interstitial, Banner, Google Reward.

Also you can edit and the Privacy Policy in this file