RTL supported web application. Numerous warehouses are being managed using a single application. It covers storage management (racking systems, management of storage locations, volume occupancy management, administration of warehouse areas (storage areas, free areas, pick & pack areas…), . It also comprises managing inventory in accordance with established inventory standards and processes (pick & pack techniques, physical inventories, inventory turnover, economic order quantity as an inventory management strategy, etc.).

The script also controls all warehouse transfer processes, from creating the transfer to receiving it in the other warehouse.
Additionally, it oversees purchasing activities and suppliers (from the creation of local orders until receiving the merchandises from the supplier).
Moreover, it oversees all client generation and delivery operations (create and edit customers, add customer orders, pick & pack orders, create deliveries, loading process).

The script also controls the return procedures (returns from transferred products to other warehouses, returns from delivered products to customers).
A barcoding system with configurable parameters is also included in the script. It generates barcodes for both products and delivered packages.


Update 1 : Version 1.2 – 17-12-2022

- Upgrade the script from php 7.4 to php 8.0.2
- Update code to resolve the error of the number format when there is no decimal digits provided 
( the decimal digits will be automatically 0).
- Update warehouse settings page. Validation of returned data.
- Disable edit or activate/deactivate products from other warehouses.