– The essence of the game: 

Square? is a 2D casual puzzle game for Android. which has 2 modes: 

1) timed mode, in this mode you have to paint over the squares in turn for a while, starting with the smallest drawings and ending with the most difficult ones, in a matter of seconds 

2) The usual mode so that a person can relax in which there is no timer. 

– Game monetization: 

There are two types of monetization in the game: 

1) Unity ADS (interstitial ads that are shown after 3 defeats) 

2) there is only one in-app purchase donation and that is to disable advertising. Ps. advertising is already configured, it remains only to connect it to your accounts.

– How to add levels and customize them? 

Everything is very simple, in the code there will be a bunch of hints about what is responsible for what, both in writing and visually in the form of screenshots. And also after purchasing the ready-made game files, I will throw you a video with a step-by-step tutorial on how to add a level.